In too many companies productivity improvement efforts focus on system changes or cost cutting while market-led efforts are often over looked. MFD Painting and Renovations believes that marketing, finance and people are the three core pillars of the success of any company .No organization/ company can afford to look at satisfying market needs if it is not also managed according to sensible financial principles. The driver of all this is the ability and motivation of people in companies to make it all come together Customer focus Passion for excellence Safety first Always right the first time Conduct ourselves with unshakable professionalism


In support of our mission MFD Painting and Renovations cc is committed to: Ensure that our clients remain our business partners in the implementation of individual solutions and most efficient and cost saving products. At the same time, we make sure the needs of our clients are met or exceeded. Training: only well trained personnel are in position to perform their duties well, that is why employee training is a high priority to our company. Endeavour to provide good quality products, so that the risk to our customer is managed and kept as low as practically possible. MFD Painting and Renovations cc will recommend internationally accepted and proven standards to ensure that the best maximum value protection for our client’s interest.


Maintain our access to our large network of specialist strategy partners, who can be called in at short notice to give technical advice: thereby ensuring that our clients’ needs are met. Support and furthering the objectives of the Reconstruction and Development Program (RDP) by empowering the previously disadvantaged groups through skill transfer. Support affirmative action principles as enunciated by the central government of the RSA . Providing an environment for achieving persona excellence and growth for all our employees. Apply the quality management guidelines as laid down by the International Standards Organization (ISO 9000) and SABS. Maintain a dedicated and motivated work force.Conducting our business in an environmentally friendly way.